Bee Rich in Health's Royal Jelly with Siberian Ginseng combines two powerful natural components that work synergistically, which means the properties of both are enhanced when combined and make a valuable addition to everyone's diet.

Why Royal Jelly and Siberian Ginseng?

Royal Jelly is a catalyst that helps restore and maintain the levels of essential nutrients and is quickly absorbed into the body helping increase immunity against disease and infection. Siberian Ginseng has the properties of an antiseptic and a sedative. It helps the body achieve balance, warding off damage from disease and other stresses. Bee Rich Royal Jelly with Siberian Ginseng contains 300 mg of Royal Jelly and 250 mg of Siberian Ginseng in a capsule form.

What is Royal Jelly and where is it derived?

Royal Jelly is a powerful milky fluid made of digested pollen and honey nectar that is mixed with a chemical secreted from a gland in a nurser bee's head. It has been described as having the ability of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Royal Jelly is the only difference between a queen bee and an ordinary worker bee. Queen bees live their entire life with Royal Jelly as their only source of nutrition while worker bees are feed Royal Jelly for only the first three days of their life. This diet is responsible for making the queen bee 40 to 60 percent larger than a worker bee plus they live 40% longer than worker bee. The nutrients found in Royal Jelly are also necessary and very beneficial for the human body.

Royal Jelly is perhaps the most complex and nutritious food produced by animal, insect or plant. It contains Vitamins A, C, D, E and the essential B-complex Vitamins, including a high concentration of Pantothenic acid, which is reputed to bolster the strength of the adrenal glands and to help reduce stress, (Vitamin B5) and Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), and is the only natural source of acetylcholine, an essential ingredient for the correct transmission of nerve impulses. It contains six minerals, (sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, manganese and nickel) and all of the amino acids essential for life plus 10 more.

Royal Jelly has both an antibiotic and bactericide effect. Dr. Murray S. Blum, of Louisiana State University and associates discovered that Royal Jelly contains an antibiotic almost one-quarter as active as penicillin, without the side effects. They found that Royal Jelly stops the growth of bacteria that cause skin infections as well as intestinal infections.

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