"The Doctors Medical Reference Library" lists over 6,000 diseases that happen because of a deficiency of hard to find key nutrients.  Most age associated deaths are attributed to immune system failures that cause the body's natural defense system to break down, opening the door to disease and poor health.  Uncaria Tomentosa, commonly known as Cat's Claw, can help give your body the power to fight off disease.


Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat's Claw) is derived from the bark of the thick, long, slow growing vine that encircles most of the trees found in the Peruvian rain forests.  Cat's Claw has been so named for the fang shaped hooks that develop from the central part of the vine, resembling a cat's claw.  These claws enable the vine to attach itself to neighboring trees as it stalks through the rain forest.

Cat's Claw contains six oxindole alkaloids (four of these are known to be effective immune system stimulants) and a host of other beneficial phytochemicals.  Studies have suggested that the presence of these compounds might explain the antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-tumor, and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb.

Because of the herb's unusual ability to cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive system, it helps correct the nutritional imbalances caused by digestive blockages that often put a strain on the body's natural absorption process.  A clean digestive tract opens the "nutritional doorway" in the body so that all nutrients may be better absorbed, therefore, reducing health risks.

Bee Rich Cat's Claw is yet another product that can contribute to your optimum good health.

(Uncaria Tomentosa)
has been found to help:
*  Arthritis and bursitis  
*  Rheumatism
*  All forms of herpes
*  Asthma and allergies
*  Ulcers and Lupus   
*  Restful sleep
*  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
*  Pre-menstrual Syndrome 
*  Irregular female cycle
*  Organic depression
*  Environmental toxin
*  Numerous bowel and
    intestinal disorders
*  Treatment of cancer and
    HIV virus

60 capsules
800 mg Uncaria Tomentosa per capsule


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