BeeRich Cee Pollen

Cee Pollen has been found to help:
  • Cell development
  • Build resistance and immunity to allergies
  • Digestion and elimination
  • Recovery time after surgery
  • Reduce distress of stomach, colon, bladder, lungs, esophagus, and cervix
  • Protect against cataracts
  • Strengthen capillary walls
  • Depression, anemia, and paranoid symptoms
  • Protect body against harmful effects of pollution and infection
  • Strengthen immune system

Bee Rich Cee Pollen combines sago palm vitamin C (hypo allergenic) with Bee Rich bee pollen for greater absorption. The added bioflavonoids help protect and preserve the structure of capillary blood vessels. Bee Rich Cee Pollen helps protect against the harmful effects of pollution and infections, and helps strengthen the body's immune system.


Approximately fifty (50) different nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins) are required in various amounts by human beings. Vitamin C (asorbic acid) is perhaps the most widely known of the micro nutrients and one of the most vital to the healthy function of the human body.

How does a healthy body utilize vitamin C? The fact is the body cannot live without vitamin C. Various scientific papers make it quite clear there are few body processes (i.e., in organs, tissues, cells, etc.) that are not influenced--directly or indirectly--by vitamin C.

Bee Rich Cee Pollen features vitamin C from bioflavonoids and sago palm (most vitamin C is derived from corn or potatoes). Sago palm is used because clinical reports reveal that it may be the most hypoallergenic form of vitamin C.

Bioflavonoids are substances usually found in nature in association with vitamin C. They aid vitamin C in strengthening the capillaries (which reduces bruising), in reducing capillary permeability, and with antioxidant action. Bee Rich Cee Pollen contains bioflavonoids from citrus, rutin, and rose hip.

In addition to sago palm and bioflavonoids, Bee Rich Cee Pollen contains calcium. Calcium acts as a buffer against the acid sometimes experienced with vitamin C.

Make Bee Rich Cee Pollen a staple in your family's diet--for the health of it!



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