Metal Base Lubricant

The MAXIMIZER Concentrated Metal Base Lubricant was introduced to our product line in 1982 and became an immediate success. This product is a concentration of elemental copper and elemental lead in spherical shape with other metals. Millions of these microscopic metal particles act like micro ball bearings that coat and plate metal surfaces to provide lubricating properties unmatched by any conventional oil or grease. This micro metal based technology is the basis for all of the MAXIMIZER lubricant products.

The use of the MAXIMIZER concentrated metal base lubricant with any stock petroleum or synthetic lubricant will enhance the their lubricating value far beyond any known competitor. Adding this product will result in a substantial reduction in friction, heat, wear, noise, and energy consumption in area where maximum lubrication is desired. The characteristic that distinguishes the MAXIMIZER CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT (called MBL for short) from other products is the residual effect of the micro metal particles that continues to lubricate in the absence of direct lubrication. When added to lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, greases, and spray lubricants, the residual effects of the micro metals will provide effective lubrication when extreme temperatures, high RPM's, pressure, dirt, and moisture have caused normal lubricants to fail.

The CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT is described as a "physical additive" because it contains elemental copper and elemental lead and not chemicals that might effect the ratings of your oil. Beware of any oil additive that does not disclose the ingredients because they usually have chemicals that can be harmful to your engine. The use of the CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT will not change the SAE viscosity rating or the API service classification of the oil.

Many benefits are received when using MAXIMIZER CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT in your automobile. Some of these are improved performance, reduced friction, reduced maintenance costs, reduced emissions, improved compression, reduced oil consumption, and drastically increased extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of your motor oil. Add the METAL BASE CONCENTRATE at the rate of 4 ounces (1/2 bottle) at every oil change.

It is highly recommended that the CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT be used in differentials, gear boxes (worm, bevel, and helical), manual transmissions,( NOT IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS) industrial bearings (oil bath, thrust, plain, rolling, and sliding), and power transmission equipment where the reduction of friction and heat will significantly prolong the life of the equipment. Extending gear and bearing life will reduce expensive downtime and maintenance costs.

The micro metals in the CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT will resurface the metal gears by filling the score marks, worn spots, and imperfections. By making the surfaces smoother, friction is reduced and wear is only on the micro metal particles, not the gear or bearing. ( The micro particles become sacrificial and will wear instead of the metal. By using this product, metal erosion is stopped. The treatment ratio for this type of application is 1 ounce to each quart of lubricant. If the lubricant is measured by the pint or pound, use ½ ounce per pint or pound.

Piston type air compressors will see higher compression which is indicated immediately on the pressure gauge. Reduction of the noise level and a shorter recharge time will be achieved after only a short period of use. Use of the MBL increases the life span of the compressor and reduces the amount of energy needed for operation. For small compressors under 200 PSI add ½ ounce of MBL for each quart of oil up to a maximum of 10 ounces. ( For compressors over 200 PSI- ½ ounce per quart not to exceed 18 ounces.) (Do not use in compressors over 500 PSI)

The MBL should also be used in hydraulic systems that are used on sanitation trucks, farm machinery, dump trucks, telescopic platforms, and construction equipment. The micro metal particles in the MBL will reduce the stress on the system by filling the imperfections, score marks and wear spots on the rams and pumps to provide a better seal. The micro metals will reduce the friction in the hydraulic pump which will reduce the heat generated by the pump which will reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil. The results are fast and easy to measure. Most systems will see a 20-25% reduction in temperature of the oil, pump and tank within 10-15 minutes. Apply 1 ounce per gallon for the first five gallons of hydraulic fluid and ½ ounce per gallon thereafter up to a total of 20 ounces of MBL.

MAXIMIZER CONCENTRATED METAL BASE LUBRICANT is available in 8 oz. Bottles, 1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails and 30 gallon drums. Conact Eagle for drum prices and shipping costs at or call 800-233-7424.

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