Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants

Meeting the lubrication demands of modern mechanical technology is of vital importance to every plant manager, fleet owner, equipment operator, maintenance mechanic or automobile owner.

Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants are endurance products for today's performance oriented technology. When used as part of a regular maintenance program Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants can significantly reduce energy costs, expensive downtime, and maintenance.

Concentrated Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricant is the basis for the entire line of Maxi-Mizer lubricants. All products use the unique copper-lead metal base to enhance the lubricating values of stock petroleum and many synthetic lubricants far beyond virtually every known competitor.

Enhanced lubricity yields a substantial reduction in friction, heat, wear and energy consumption. The singular characteristic that distinguishes Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants from all others is the residual metal treatment that continues to lubricate in the absence of direct lubrication.

The race and industrial proven Concentrated Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricant may be used in most applications utilizing reservoirs of lubricating or hydraulic oils. It is highly recommended for use in gear boxes and power transmission equipment where the reduction of friction and heat will significantly prolong gear and bearing life; reducing expensive downtime and maintenance.For more information on the use of the MBL read the Product Notes on Metal Base Applications.

Concentrated Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricant is NOT to be used in automatic transmissions or any other slip or wet clutch application.

More technical information is available from the Metal Base Lubricant MSDS.

Maxi-Mizer L2-71 Multi-Purpose Grease is a superior lubricant which may be used in approx. 95% of consumer grease applications. The copper-lead additive mixed with a high quality lithium (L2) soap provides outstanding performance in the laboratory and in actual experience.

More technical information is available from the L2-71 Multi-Purpose Grease MSDS.

Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Multi-Stage Spray Lubricant is a unique product combining the MBL technology and special penetrating solvents to produce a superior multi-staged lubricant. Ideal for rusted nuts and bolts, hinges, exposed roller bearings, exhaust manifold and flange bolts, cables and general lubrication. The powerful action of this dynamic solvent penetrates, lubricates and plates into the most rigid areas and offers a residual lubrication for easier reassembly of components. Enjoying the same micro-metallic particle features as our Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Concentrate and our Maxi-Mizer L2-71 Grease.

More technical information is available from the MaxiMizer MBL Spray MSDS.

More information about both of these products is available from the Metal Base Lubricants FAQ.
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