Our skin is our largest organ and consists of three layers; the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (middle layer) and the subcutaneous (inner layer). Each of these layers has a distinct function in protection and regeneration of skin. Our skin acts as a protective wall between our body and possible harmful effects of the environment; such as bacteria and millions of other contaminates. Our skin is a reflection or a mirror image of our overall health. In order for our body to function properly we must receive sufficient nutrition, rest and exercise. A healthy skin is fed from the inside from the bloodstream which should contain the necessary nutrients. A deficiency in any one of these can adversely affect our health and can lead to skin that heals slowly, has poor circulation and looks shallow and dull. Bee Rich Propolis Cream is a natural topical cream that contains a balance of nutrients along with moisturizing components to help combat many of these deficiencies and can be used for minor skin irritations, cuts and burns. Propolis Cream can also be used as a moisturizing cream. (To learn more of proper nutrition, look at the other Bee Rich nutritional products.)

PROPOLIS CREAM FEATURES: Ingredients carefully chosen to provide your skin with the germ killing properties of Propolis and the healing effects of Aloe Vera. These ingredients are combined with the softening effects of emollients, as well as the moisturizing and retaining action of humectants. This combination counteracts the effects of moisture loss to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple. To understand the many benefits of Propolis Cream the following ingredient listing follows:

DEIONIZED WATER - Used to help maintain pliability and helps to plump the skin cells with moisture.

EMULSIFYING WAX - Helps water and oils bind together in a smooth and stable emulsion, giving a velvety and soothing effect.Makes the cream good for dry or chapped skin.

PROPOLIS TINCTURE - Propolis is derived from the Greek word, "PRO" meaning "in defense" and "POLIS" meaning "city". It is descriptive of the protection propolis provides the bee hive. It is a dark stick substance which the bees collect and use because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In addition it has antifungal properties that help inhibit infections. Propolis contains 21 different flavonoids and antioxidants to help control free radicals. It is high in B-complex vitamins and contains vitamins C, E, and provitamin A. It is rich in amino acids, fats and minerals such as zinc, manganese, copper and iron.

GLYCERIN - A clear water soluble liquid, derived from vegetables. It is a natural moisturizer and emollient.

CETEARYL ALCOHOL - An emollient and emulsifier, used because it resembles sebum (Moisture produced by your body).

CETEARETH-20 - An emollient and emulsifier to enhance the texture of the propolis cream.

GLYCERYL STEARATE - Helps form a barrier on the skin limiting moisture loss and acts as a lubricant helping to make your skinsoft and smooth as well as it provides protection from free-radical damage.

PEG - 100 STERATE - Is a water soluble ester used as an emulsifier and emollient to soften the skin.

VITAMIN E OIL - A clear water soluble liquid, derived from vegetables. A natural healing ingredient that is an antioxidant and a moisturizer.

ALOE VERA OIL - Extracted from the leaves of Aloe plants and used for thousands of years for skin care. This moisture rich gel encourages the speedy healing of burns and cuts by hydrating the skin as it helps stimulate cell regeneration.

JOJOBA OIL - Is a natural cellular renewal ingredient as well as an excellent moisturizer that is able to penetrate the skin, helping to condition and lubricate the skin to aid in healing.

METHYL PARABEN - An organic preservative used to prevent contamination by fungus spores and microorganisms.

LANOLIN - An emollient derived from the wool of sheep. Used as an emulsifier and a humectant, because it is able to hold water to the skin. Lanolin helps to stabilize the cream and increases the action of other ingredients. It is good for moisturizing and soothing dry skin.

STEARIC ACID - White, solid, powdery fatty acid. Gives a velvety feel to the skin and is good for dry and or chapped skin.

PROPYLPARABEN - Naturally occurs in several plants and is used as a preservative and antimicrobials .

POTASSIUM SORBATE - A naturally occurring antimicrobial compound that helps inhibit the development of microorganisms and extends shelf life of the cream.


Drink plenty of water

Use a sun screen with UV protection when outdoors

Use Bee Rich Propolis Cream as a moisturizer

Feed your skin from the inside with a well balanced diet and Bee Rich supplementation



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