Minerals are elements that occur naturally in the earth. Rock formations are made of mineral salts. These formations are gradually reduced to tiny fragments by erosion over long periods of time (millions of years). The resulting dust is found in our soil where tiny microbes transfer the crystals of mineral salts from the soil to plants. These plants are eaten by larger animals. We get our minerals by consuming both plants and animals.

Every living cell on this planet depends on minerals for its structure and ability to function. Minerals are critical to every living thing. Formation of bones , formation of blood, proper composition of body fluids, muscle tone, the cardiovascular system, growth, healing, and energy production all require minerals. All enzyme activities in the body involve minerals, so minerals are essential for the body to utilize all vitamins and other nutrients.

The key word to remember when discussing minerals is--balance. The human body must maintain a proper chemical balance. This balance depends on the levels of different minerals in the body and the ratios of each mineral level to every other mineral. The level of each mineral has an effect on every other mineral level in the body. If one mineral level is out of balance, all mineral levels are affected. If this imbalance is not corrected, it starts a chain reaction that can lead to a wide range of illnesses. To illustrate this complex relationship, the following chart shows how each mineral reacts with other minerals:

Ca (calcium) depresses Mn, P, Mg, Zn

Mn (Manganese) depresses Fe, P, K, Mg

Fe (Iron) depresses K, P, Cu

Zn (Zinc) depresses Fe, Cu, P, Cd

K (Potassium) depresses Na, Fe, Mn

P (Phosphorus) depresses Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg

Cu (Copper) depresses Fe, Zn, P

It is difficult, if not impossible, to get the proper amounts of each mineral needed for a healthy lifestyle through diet alone. Continuous high yield farming has lowered the amount of minerals in the soil available to plants. Due to these depleted soils, vital minerals, especially the important trace minerals, have practically disappeared in the entire food chain. Most of the foods we eat are heavily processed before canning, freezing, or curing. These commercial processes lowers the amount of minerals in your food even more.

Today's lifestyles also deplete our bodies of minerals. Stress, for example, will deplete your body of Potassium. Symptoms of Potassium deficiency may include: dry skin, edema, increased cholesterol levels, insomnia, muscle and general weakness, weak reflexes, acne, and continuous thirst. Even everyday items such as coffee, antacids, oral contraceptives, alcohol, antibiotics, and saturated fats will depress critical mineral levels in your body.

Taking mineral supplements may help, but you must remember the key word- BALANCE . For example, if a Calcium supplement is taken, the levels of Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Zinc are depressed. (See chart on front page.) It is difficult to determine the exact diet that you would need to add the minerals that the calcium depresses, as it would be difficult to find the exact amount of supplements to take to replace each mineral. Since every mineral level has an effect on the every other mineral level, and each mineral is needed in different amounts, and the ratios must be in balance to be healthy, what can you do?

BEE RICH 400z HONEYBEE POLLEN tablets contain all of the minerals - balanced naturally!

Bee pollen is a complete food that contains every macro and micro nutrient know to be needed by humans. Bee Rich 400z tablets also contains BEE PROPOLIS and ROYAL JELLY.

TakingBEE RICH 400Z pollen on a regular basis will help to maintain your mineral levels and mineral ratios at a proper level for a healthy lifestyle. Consistent use of Bee Rich 400z pollen will help in two ways:

First, it provides a base amount of all macrominerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus) and a base amount of all microminerals , or trace minerals. Although trace minerals are only needed in minute amounts, they are very important for good health. All of the minerals are balanced.

Second, by taking BEE RICH 400z you will be able to absorb more of the minerals from your regular intake of food. By having a balanced base of minerals in your body, you will absorb minerals in the same ratio for optimum health. This eliminates the competition between the minerals for absorption and maintains your proper chemical balance.

Many people practice more preventive maintenance on their automobiles that they do on their own bodies. Prevent long term health problems by taking all natural BEE RICH pollen products. Our unique multi-floral blend of pollens are found in the following products: BEE RICH 400z Pollen Tablets, BEE RICH Cee POLLEN , and BEE RICH NUTRA-z meal replacement.

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