MAXI-MIZER Gasoline and MAXI-MIZER Diesel products are the result of many years of research and evaluation on our unique product. The basis of our products is the combustion catalyst which was originally developed as a burn rate accelerator for solid fuel rockets. This catalyst allowed the solid fuel to burn faster and more completely which would develop the maximum amount of thrust possible from the fuel. This same principle of getting the most energy from an amount of fuel sounded like a good application for the automotive engine. In theory, at least, the catalyst should have caused gasoline and diesel fuel to burn faster, create less pollution, and increase milage. However, it was soon realized that the catalyst would require modification to work in internal combustion engines. This realization started a long research project that produced the technology to utilize the catalyst as a fuel additive. THIS TECHNOLOGY IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE MAXI-MIZER PRODUCTS.

The catalyst is derived from an iron product called Ferrocene which was discovered by a Harvard chemist in 1953. Ferrocene caused a lot of excitement in the scientific community and for ten years was studied as an anti-knock additive for gasoline. This massive project failed because they were unable to solve the problem of finding a suitable application method for treating fuels. Commercial use of the Ferrocene as a fuel additive was abandoned at this time because the Ferrocene catalyst needed more refinement to be viable as a combustion modifier fuel additive.

The government then started developing a catalyst derived from Ferrocene to use in their solid fuel rocket program. This proved very successful and perfected the methods to use Ferrocene as the basis for a catalyst that would accelerate the burn rate of solid rocket fuels. As the solid fuel rockets were phased out and replaced by newer liquid propelled rockets, the project was dropped.

Then a major pharmaceutical company started a program to make the Ferrocene technology available to the commercial marketplace. This project lasted over ten years and discovered several new areas to apply this technology. However, the application problem for internal combustion engines was not resolved. This pharmaceutical company is a vital part of the supply chain for the components used to manufacture the MAXI-MIZER products.

In 1972, Mr. Jack Kracklauer, a well known petro-chemist, was able to finally develop a way to apply the catalytic technology for use in a fuel additive application. He accomplished this by using a refined catalyst derived from Ferrocene in combination with several other chemicals to produce a liquid that could be applied directly to the fuel tank of a vehicle or to a bulk storage tank. This landmark event was only the first step to develop the MAXIMIZER products. From 1972 until 1984 Mr. Kracklauer tested and finalized the formulation to be a complete fuel additive. During this period, the MAXI-MIZER formulation accumulated over 302 million miles of testing and performed consistently, showing an average of 10% increase in fuel economy and a 40% increase in engine life. This 12 year period is the most extensive premarket scientific testing program ever conducted by a fuel additive manufacturer. Many of these tests are documented in the MAXI-MIZER SOURCE BOOK available from Eagle Marketing or from any distributor.

In 1984, Eagle Marketing introduced the MAXI-MIZER fuel products to the consumer market. Mr. Jack Kracklauer has served as our consulting engineer since 1984, and continues to test and research our products and applications. This combustion modification technology is only available in the MAXIMIZER fuel additives from Eagle Marketing, Inc.

There have been many changes in automotive industry in the last ten years. They have increased the fuel efficiency two to three times over the average fuel economy just a few years ago. Emissions have also been significantly reduced. These changes were mandated by the EPA . Fuel manufacturers also have been forced to change their formulations to remove lead and add MTBE or other oxygenates into today's fuel. These changes have caused many performance and maintenance problems for the consumer. The unique iron derived catalyst in MAXIMIZER will protect and remove the performance robbing deposits in late model vehicles caused by these changes in fuels and engineering of the engines. Now, more than ever before, every engine needs the benefits of MAXIMIZER fuel treatments.

MAXI-MIZER is available in 16 ounce squeeze bottles, ½ gallon plastic bottles, 5 gallon drums and 30 gallon drums. The treatment ratio is one ounce to 20 gallons of gasoline and one ounce to ten gallons of diesel fuel

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