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Eagle Marketing is proud to provide superior quality Perfume Originals fragrances to the international marketplace. Available in Men's Colognes and Women's Perfumes, Perfume Veil Hand and Body Lotion, Body Oil, Bubble Bath/Shower Gel, and 100% Essence Oil.

Perfume Originals' Guide to Fine Perfumes. The Guide to Fine Perfumes will show you how Perfume Originals' fragrances relate to other fragrances in the industry.

Our available products are:

Super Perfume Spray - A long lasting European blend consisting of 25% Essence Oil. 26 fragrances are available in 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. spray bottles.

Men's Cologne - A long lasting, yet not overpowering cologne consisting of 20% Essence Oil. 13 fragrances are available in 2 oz. spray bottles

Perfume Veil Hand and Body Lotion - An eight ounce bottle of skin softener with special moisturizing ingredients that add lasting moisture while scenting the skin. (Available in unscented as well as all of the men's and women's fragrances).

Perfumed Body Oil - An eight ounce bottle containing sensual body soothers that will relax the senses. A terrific way to pamper and fragrance the skin. Contains Avocado Oil to help restore moisture. (Available in unscented as well as all of the men's and women's fragrances).

Perfumed Bubble Bath and Shower Gel - Enjoy eight ounces luxury in a relaxing bubble bath or a revitalizing shower using your favorite fragrance. (Available in unscented as well as all of the men's and women's fragrances).

Perfume Essence Oil - 1/2 ounce of 100% Perfume Oil to be applied directly to the skin or used for scenting virtually anything. Great for a variety of projects and home uses. Click here for some household uses of Essence Oil. Perfume Essence Oil is available in all men's and women's fragrances and in singular scents.

Perfumery Kit - Have you ever found a fragrance that you enjoy, only to discover that the scent was either too weak or too powerful? Have you ever wanted to be your own perfumer and make your own fragrances? Perfume Originals' Perfumery Kit allows you to create your own fragrances at the strength you desire. The set contains:
  • 1/2 oz. of 100% Perfume Essence Oil (fragrance of your choice)
  • 4 oz. of Perfume Solution
  • 1 eye dropper for mixing
  • 1 empty 2 oz. decanter with spray pump
The Perfumery Kit can be purchased with additional Perfume Essence Oils so that you may blend your own unique fragrance. What could be more personal than a custom fragrance?

If you have any questions about perfume, please review The Perfume Originals FAQ.

For additional information about Perfume Originals products, private label perfumes, or perfume packaging, please send e-mail to or call 800-233-7424.

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