Maxi-Mizer Automotive Products

The Maxi-Mizer line consists of two separate product types: Maxi-Mizer Fuel Treatments and Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants.Click here to download the Product Brochure.

Maxi-Mizer Fuel Treatments

Maxi-Mizer offers fuel formulas for use in yesterday's muscle cars as well as today's high tech cars and other equipment.

Originally developed by chemists for the solid fuel rocket industry, the products were eventually modified to fill a void in the automotive market. Click here for the history of Maximizer

Maxi-Mizer fuel treatments help to clean the fuel system, remove water, lubricate the upper cylinders and increase octane resulting in increased power / fuel economy, reduced emissions, and extended engine life.

Maxi-Mizer fuel treatments are available in Gasoline and Diesel formulas and are sold in 16 oz., 1/2 gallon, 5 gallon, and 30 gallon quantities.

Metal Base Lubricants

Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants (MBL) are endurance products for today's performance oriented technology. When used as part of a regular maintenance program, Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants can significantly reduce energy costs and expensive downtime and maintenance.

The unique product formula allows MBL to be most effective where temperature extremes, high RPM's, pressure, dirt, and moisture impair lubricating efficiency.

Maxi-Mizer Metal Base Lubricants are available in a concentrated liquid formula and Multi-Purpose Grease.

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