Maxi-Mizer Fuel Treatments

Maximum Performance with Catalytic and Petrochemical Technology

Maxi-Mizer Gasoline and Diesel Formulas utilize a unique combustion catalyst developed from aerospace technology. Found only in Maxi-Mizer Gasoline and Diesel Formulas, the catalyst accelerates the actual rate at which fuel combines with air in the combustion chamber.

Maxi-Mizer combines the catalyst technology with additional petrochemical elements. These essential elements include a detergent; gum, varnish and water dispersants; anti rust agents; upper cylinder lubricants; and fuel stabilizing components. These combine to enhance the purity and stability of all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel. This translates into improved fuel system performance and extended time between tune-ups.

Maxi-Mizer's combustion catalyst technology was developed and proven with 12 years of landmark research and 302 million miles of highway/city testing. The data analyzed in these tests were conclusive: Maxi-Mizer improved fuel economy by an average of 10% and increased engine life by an average of 40%.

This innovative catalytic and petrochemical technology is scientifically documented to help:

For more information about Maxi-Mizer, please read the FAQ.

MAXI-MIZER Gasoline treatment in Reformulated Gasoline with MTBE.

The Gasoline Formula SDS and the Diesel Formula SDS are available to answer questions.

A brief overview of some of the Maxi-Mizer Test Summaries are also available.

Additional information of Fuel Economy and Federal Policies available from the EPA
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