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Although fuel prices are far from their all time high, fuel economy is a major cost concern of many individuals and fleet operators. Many factors contribute to a vehicle's fuel efficiency. Some of these factors are: Proper tire inflation (1 mpg), Air Conditioner (2 mpg), Proper tune-up of engine (1-2 mpg), Driving speed (Faster speeds take more fuel per mile), Lengthy engine idling, and FUEL QUALITY.

With the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) stopped the use of lead (Tetra-ethyl Lead or TEL) in gasoline as an octane booster because of the health hazzard and pollution problems. Then the EPA mandated the use of reformulated gasoline in areas of the country with ozone and smog problems. Ethanol and MTBE ( Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) are the primary oxygenates that can be use to make reformulated gasoline. MTBE is used in over 84% of reformulated gasoline because its ability to boost octane levels. MTBE is also used in areas without smog and ozone problems because of the octane boost.

Ironically, the Clean Air Act lists MTBE as a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) as a know or suspected carcinogen (cancer causing substance). It is now an accepted fact that the use of MTBE does not reduce air pollution, and might even make it worse. People are getting sick from smelling the fumes around gas stations and ground water supplies around the country are becoming contaminated to the point where drinking water can not be obtained from local sources.. Many states are taking steps to ban the use of MTBE. ( If you need more information on MTBE contact the home office.)

The Government mandated addition of MTBE or other oxygenates to our gasoline to reduce emissions also resulted in a drop in miles per gallon. MTBE is blended into gasoline up to a 15% level. MTBE does not have the energy content per gallon as gasoline. Therefore, use of reformulated gasoline or oxygenated fuels requires more fuel per mile. One of the many benefits of using MAXIMIZER Gasoline Formula is the recovery of some of this lost milage.

Of the many benefits of using MAXIMIZER Gasoline formula on a regular basis, the three benefits discussed below will help offset the effects of the oxygenated fuels.

REDUCED FUEL CONSUMPTION: The unique iron derived combustion catalyst in MAXIMIZER Gasoline Formula is a burn rate accelerator that will cause your fuel economy to increase. Once the fuel in the combustion chamber is ignited by the spark plug, the catalyst will significantly increase the burn rate of the flame front. This increase in the rate of combustion results in an increase in pressure (or push) downward on the piston during the power stroke, directly increasing power output. Since the fuel is completely burned before the exhaust valves are opened, the efficiency of the engine is increased. This increased efficiency can be used as extra power or increased fuel milage, depending on your driving habits. (NOTE: Our tests were conducted under carefully controlled, scientifically analyzed testing procedures. If you do not use the effect of MAXIMIZER Gas Formula for more power and faster acceleration, a 10% improvement in fuel economy will result.)

IMPROVE OCTANE RATING: Tetra-ethyl Lead ( TEL) was used as the main octane booster in gasoline until it was banned by the Clean Air Act. Now, MTBE or ethanol is used to boost the octane of today's fuels. Neither the MTBE nor the ethanol is as effective as the TEL in raising the octane rating to an acceptable level. As more MTBE or ethanol is added to a fuel to increase the octane rating, the lower the energy content per gallon of the fuel. This results in lower gas milage and knocking and pinging problems. MAXIMIZER Gasoline Formula has been demonstrated in laboratory engine tests to be a safe and effective anti-knock treatment for lower octane fuels. The use of MAXIMIZER Gas Formula will increase the octane rating of your fuel. The amount of increase will be determined by the type of oxygenate and the percent of the blend. It is usually better to use a lower octane fuel and MAXIMIZER Gas Formula than to use higher octane (and higher priced) premium fuel since the octane rating was boosted by using MTBE or ethanol.

REDUCE EMISSIONS: The iron derived catalyst in MAXIMIZER Gas Formula reduces excessive emissions by ensuring more complete combustion of the fuel. The detergent package effectively reduces gums, varnish, and other deposits in the fuel system. This maintains the designed air-fuel ratio and ensures proper atomization of the fuel. By using MAXIMIZER to reduce emissions, the life of your catalytic converter will be extended.

MAXI-MIZER is available in 16 ounce plastic squeeze bottles, ½ gallon metal cans, 5 gallon drums and 30 gallon drums. The treatment ratio is one ounce to 20 gallons of gasoline and one ounce to ten gallons of diesel fuel.

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