Water is always present, in some degree, in your fuel system or bulk storage tanks. This water may be a result of condensation when temperatures rise and fall by more than 7 degrees, or by leaky storage tanks or by other means. Water can cause stalling, carburetor icing, fuel line freezing and corrosion in the fuel tank and lines, and injector and engine damage.

MAXI-MIZER Gasoline and Diesel fuel treatments are formulated with an efficient moisture management package to eliminate excess water and the related problems in your fuel system. Since gasoline and diesel fuel have very different properties, each will be discussed individually.


The MAXI-MIZER gasoline formula is designed to maintain the proper balance of gasoline and the ever present water in your tank. To get this balance, two opposing actions must take place at the same time.

First, it is important not to pick up excessive amounts of water from the bottom of the tank and suspend it in the fuel. Large amounts of suspended water globules can cause stalling by clogging the fuel filter or if the filter fails can result in blown fuel injectors. To prevent this, MAXIMIZER has a rapid release property to move large amounts of water to the bottom of the tank.

Second, it is very important to maintain as much of this water as possible in solution so it can complement the energy production of the gasoline. Every fuel has an optimum moisture content that can be contained in the fuel solution. To accomplish this, MAXI-MIZER gasoline formula has the ability to increase the solubility of water in gasoline to the optimum content.

Most other additives on the market have either a rapid release property or some type of "pick up" property, but not both. When only one of these properties is present, the potential for water related problems is much greater.

MAXI-MIZER has special dispersants to accomplish BOTH of these actions at the same time. MAXI-MIZER will cause any suspended water to drop to the bottom of the tank, and then it will increase the solubility of the water into the gasoline. This absorption maintains the proper balance of moisture to fuel for optimum performance.

These capabilities of MAXI-MIZER gasoline formula have been proven using standard ASTM testing methods. ASTM B-1094 was used to prove that MAXI-MIZER will not pick up excessive amounts of water. ASTM E203-75 was used to prove MAXI-MIZER gasoline formula increases gasoline's ability to absorb water by 150%.

MAXI-MIZER gasoline formula is available in 16 ounce squeeze bottles, ½ gallon plastic bottles, 5 gallon drums and 30 gallon drums. The treatment ratio is one ounce to 20 gallons of gasoline.


The natural properties of diesel fuel make moisture related problems more critical in diesel equipment. Diesel fuel is heavier than gasoline, therefore the volatility (ability to vaporize) of diesel fuel is much lower than gasoline This lower volatility allows air and moisture to infiltrate the diesel fuel in both vehicle and bulk storage tanks much faster than gasoline. Water condensation in diesel fuel storage tanks is a routine problem that must be solved by all users of diesel fuels. The longer the fuel is stored, the larger the problems become.

Being less refined than gasoline, diesel fuel will hold a much larger amount of water in suspension. This suspended water can cause severe problems with water separators installed on the vehicle as well causing the fuel injector tips to explode resulting in extensive repair costs.

The MAXI-MIZER diesel formula is specially designed to effectively deal with all moisture related problems for diesel fuel users. The MAXI-MIZER diesel formula has the same dual action as the gasoline formula that will release suspended water to the bottom of the tank and then slowly absorb the water into solution in the fuel. However, both of these properties are stronger in the diesel formula to deal with the more sever moisture problems inherent in all diesel fuels.

The diesel formula has been tested using standard ASTM D-1094 to prove the water release capabilities to prevent suspended water globules from causing damage to equipment. ASTM E203-75 was used to prove the diesel formula increases the ability of diesel fuel to absorb (into solution) water by 150%.

Perhaps more important than the labs tests cited above for both formulas of MAXI-MIZER, is the results of actual use in fleet operations. As part of the extensive testing program on the products, over 100 million miles of that test was conducted in actual fleet operations around the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific Coasts. These areas have high humidity and result in more sever water problems than drier inland areas. During this 100 million miles, NO FUEL SYSTEM OR MOISTURE CAUSED MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS OCCURRED!

MAXI-MIZER diesel formula is available in 16 ounce squeeze bottles, ½ gallon plastic bottles, 5 gallon drums and 30 gallon drums. The treatment ratio is one ounce to 10 gallons of diesel fuel.

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