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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of propolis?
Propolis is a dark substance that is collected by bees from leaf buds, twigs, and tree bark. It is used in the beehive to repair holes and cracks, embalm intruders, and to line cells before the cells contain eggs.
What is the history of the use of propolis?
Propolis is nothing new. Hippocrates recorded the use of propolis to treat wounds, sores, and ulcers as early as the fourth century B.C. The Roman scholar Pliny extolled the benefits of propolis 400 years later in his writings, explaining how "it extracted all substances embedded in the flesh, reduced swelling, softened hardened areas, soothed pain, and healed sores when it appeared hopeless for them to mend." Propolis use was recorded between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries as a health aid. In the early twentieth century during the Boer War, propolis was mixed with petroleum jelly and used as a wound healer. Flavonoids, an important component of propolis, were identified in the 1950's. Scientists now believe that propolis is an antibiotic and antiviral substance that enhances the effectiveness of the immune system.
What are flavonoids and what do they do?
Flavonoids are antioxidants. They maintain the integrity of cells by trapping free radicals that otherwise cause damage and hasten the aging process. Flavonoids also bind heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadium to prevent these metals from causing damage to the body. It is believed that the flavonoids contained in propolis should be a regular part of our diet in order to stimulate the immune system against potentially harmful microbes. Flavonoids also help prevent cell damage and improve the absorption of certain nutrients.
What are some of the uses and benefits of propolis?
Some of the benefits of propolis are that it fights diseases of the oral cavity, along with ear, nose, and throat illnesses. In addition to these benefits, propolis also prevents inflammation of the intestines, speeds cell growth, and improves skin problems and burns. Another benefit of propolis is its effective use against inflammation of the intestines. Propolis has been known to activate the thymus gland, thus stimulating the immune system and can augment antibiotics. Propolis also can be taken as a pain reliever. Propolis has antifungal properties that inhibit infections, allowing bees to live together in close conditions in a beehive.
What are some of the components of propolis?
Propolis contains approximately 55% resins and balsams, 30% beeswax, 10% etheric oils, and 5% pollen. Propolis also contains a variety of flavonoids.
What are the benefits of having Siberian Ginseng as an additive to Royal Jelly?
There are numerous benefits that are associated with Siberian Ginseng. One of its benefits is that it acts as a preventative and therapeutic adaptogen, increasing resistance, health, and vitality. Another benefit of Siberian Ginseng is that of an antioxidant. This causes the inactivation of free radicals. A third benefit is that it increases physical endurance under stress. This benefit can be attributed to its antioxidant properties. Siberian Ginseng has also been known to protect against microbal and viral infections.
I have problems with ascorbic acid. Can I take BeeRich Cee Pollen?
You may be able to take Cee Pollen, because it contains a buffered type of ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C). However, we do not recommend that you take Cee Pollen. If you decide to try Cee Pollen, take it in extremely small portions so that you will be able to judge how it effects you.
What type of vitamin C does Cee Pollen contain, and why?
Calcium ascorbate is the type of vitamin C contained in Cee Pollen. It is used because it's a buffered type of vitamin C.
What is the difference between calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid?
There are numerous forms of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. 99.9% of these forms are extracted from natural sources such as corn and potatoes. We use the preferred type, calcium ascorbate because the side effects of ascorbic acid are buffered with calcium, another important mineral.
I am allergic to bee stings. Can I take BeeRich in Health products?
Any time you have an allergy or any health concern, you should proceed with caution. We do not know of anyone allergic to bee stings that have had difficulty with the BeeRich products. It is normally the bee venom, not pollen or honey, that causes the problem.
What is contained in BeeRich Pollen 400z?
400z contains 420 mg. of bee pollen, 26 mg. of propolis, 16 mg. of lecithin, 12 mg. of royal jelly, and 2.5 mg. of tri-calcium phosphate. These ingredients are in a base composed of honey, hydrogenerated vegetable oil, and sicila and then coated with a natural coating. The pollens used on Pollen 400z are a multi-floral blend derived from many different types of U.S. honeybee pollens.
If I could only take one of the BeeRich in Health products, which one would you suggest?
Pollen 400z, because it contains bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. By taking the 400z, you would be able to receive the many benefits of all these components.
How can the Pollen 400z help provide proper nutrition when it does not contain the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of all nutrients?
Pollen 400z should not be considered a major source of nutrition. One tablet provides only traces of nutrients. However, the quality and blend of Pollen 400z can help contribute to your optimum health. By taking the Pollen 400z, you will assimilate more nutrition from the other foods you eat. BeeRich Pollen 400z helps in two ways: by giving you some of all the nutrients you need and by helping you absorb a higher percentage of the nutrients in your regular diet.
What are some of the ingredients of Super High Potency Antioxidant?
Some of the components include: wheat sprout complex, acerola berry juice powder, sea vegetables, royal jelly, barley grass juice powder, wheat grass juice powder, spirulina, OPC (grape seed) 92% extract, milk thistle 65% extract, siberian ginseng extract, ginkgo biloba 26% extract, green tea 65% extract, and vitamin E.
Should Antioxidants be taken with the other BeeRich Products?
Yes. All of the Bee Rich in Health nutritional products have been developed to work together in the search for optimum health. Since it is impossible to put all nutritional needs in a single product, each product works to enhance the effectiveness of the other products. For example, one trait of Pollen 400z is its ability to increase the body's absorption rate of the needed nutrients found in the other Bee Rich products. Along with your usual compliment of the other Bee Rich products, take 1-2 Antioxidant caplets twice daily (morning and evening) for 2-8 weeks. After this time, maintain only the amount you have found that best contributes to your optimum health.

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